Friday, July 3, 2009

My Super-Human Neice

Isn't she just the cutest? That's my niece.

She had a tonsillectomy last Friday.

Did amazing through the whole thing. I swear she must be super-human because she never...not once...complained.

She stayed with us after her surgery... until Tuesday. We all thought that she'd be able to have a better recovery here at our house due to the fact that she has a little brother and sister at home who might not be the best at letting big sis get the rest she needed.

However...she did suffer a small setback once returning home. She started having bleeding in her throat early Wednesday morning. Late Wednesday night, the doctors decided that they needed to go back in and re-cauterize the area to stop the bleeding.

Once super-human niece came out doing just fine!

This is her only 17 hrs after her second surgery.

I ask you...does this look like a child who has just undergone two surgeries in one week?