Sunday, July 5, 2009

Curriculum Planning

I will be planning our 2009-2010 school year over the next couple weeks. I pretty much know what we will be using. I just need to go through everything, create lesson plans, and decide how I want to organize this school year.

Some things I'm looking at using this year are:

Tapestry of Grace Year 1
Teaching Textbook
Apologia Science
Latina Christiana
Rosetta Stone Spanish

I have a lot of little extras that I really want to get to this year. That's where I run into a problem. There is so much great stuff to learn. How do I squeeze it all in without overwhelming all of us.

I already have so much on our shelves. I don't want to not use it.

To be completely honest...I use to be a curriculum junkie. My husband was my enabler. He supported my habit by allowing me so much freedom in our curriculum purchases. However, I am in recovery and have done really well this year. I haven't bought any new curriculum.

We're gonna use what we have and only buy what is absolutely necessary!

I'll keep ya posted on how well I do at that.


HeathahLee said...

I am so very thankful I have tons of friends who have older children that have already used the curriculum that we'll be using...meaning I can borrow their stuff and only have to purchase workbooks and tests and stuff. Thanks for posting this. It has reminded me to get off my duff and get busy with figuring out what I need to buy when A Beka comes to town! : )

Kat said...

I leave for a few days, and you've turned into a busy posting mama! I was just thinking yesterday, I needed to slow down and get my thoughts around what my children will use and need in the fall. I find it overwhelming at times...too much thinking for my summer brain :)