Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Homeschool

We're an eclectic homeschooling family using ideas from The Well-Trained Mind and Charlotte Mason...and even a little bit of Unschooling ideas thrown in here and there. This is our 10th year homeschooling. My oldest went to a year of private preschool, but other than that, my girls have always been home with me.

This year, my oldest is in 9th grade...that's high school (but I;m sure you knew that... lol)!!! It's so hard to believe that she could really be old enough for high school. Only 3 more years left...than she's an adult. Old enough to make her own decisions for, career, etc...her entire life ahead of her. I just hope that we will have given her everything she needs to have a good life.

My younger two girls are 6th grade and 4th grade.

I look forward to sharing our homeschooling adventure here.