Friday, May 1, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

My husband rocks...way...way...much!

Last night when we came home from our daughters soccer game, I was expecting a nice, fresh smelling house to greet us. After all...I had ran around before we left Febreezing everything in sight. Instead of that light, clean smell...we were greeted by something really...really bad! I instantly thought the cat had blown up his litter box.

Oh was worse than that!

Max, our sweet lil'dog, apparently had an upset tummy and really needed to go out. So instead of going on the wood floor in front of the back door...he went on my beautiful Persian rug...which happened to camouflage the poop. My husband was the first one to walk through the living. Thankfully he just did avoid stepping in it. was not a pretty sight at all!

So...why does my husband rock you ask?

Because without even hesitating...he started right to cleaning it all up...without even batting an eye. How he did it, I don't know. It was...yuk! I had to hide out in the bedroom...I had a bit of a gagging problem at this point. I was to not have to clean it up. And yes...I let hubby know that I really appreciated him doing the cleanup.

So...I think

my husband rocks


Kat said...

Hi there. I'm visiting here from Heathahlee at Butterfly Genes. I have to say I like it here :) Actually, I had just been at Kysha's at Love's School, and then went to Heathahlee's, and saw your picture at both places. That peaked my curiosity...I've enjoyed my look around. I especially enjoyed "My All Time Favorite Cartoon" and "10 Reasons Not to Give to the question: What? No School Today?"

Oh, and I'm glad your hubby rocks :)