Thursday, May 7, 2009

Homeschool Freebies

Don't forget to stop by CurrClick today to get 4 new freebies. Today they have:

  1. Ancient Rome Mini-Lapbook
  2. Mother's Day Blessing
  3. Footsteps on the Road to Learning ~ First Phonics Book
  4. Happy Scribe Copy Book - Life on the Farm

~approximately $29 in value.

What's better than free curriculum to a homeschool mama?

What's that?

Chocolates you say...


chocolates are great.

Especially those Dove chocolates.Those are my favorites! Shhh! Don't tell the kids but I keep a stash hidden in my drawer just for those moments when I just gotta have an inspirational, chocolaty moment. Cause after all...those sayings written on the wrappers are so inspirational...and the chocolate is so mood lifting. Wouldn't you agree?

So go grab you a piece of chocolate and then go download your free curriculum.