Thursday, April 9, 2009

Somebody's Hero

I love this song!

The first time I heard this...I cried. It brings out so many different feelings and thoughts for me. The hope that I am my daughters hero, the thought of my mom, and more grandma.

My grandma died about 2 1/2 years ago from breast cancer. I love her! And I miss her! I hadn't heard this song in quite awhile. When I heard it yesterday, I couldn't help but to think of my grandma. She always told me what a blessing I was to her. I tried to take care of her...taking her grocery shopping, to doctors appointments, etc. I took care of her after some of her surgeries. I didn't do it all by myself...but I did a lot. We have a large family, so others helped too...but I was always available for her because I didn't work.

I always felt guilty when Grandma would tell me how sweet I was. I didn't feel that way...usually because, while I wanted to help, I sometimes resented that I had to take her to so many of her doctor appointments. Not to mention that when I went out with Grandma, it would be an all day event...and I had three girls in tow.

I was always torn. I wanted to be there for Grandma but I also had my own little family to take care of, lessons to be taught, as well as a house that always needed cleaning, and of course the pile of laundry that was always there waiting to be washed.

I can say now that I don't regret any of the time I spent with her...not one second. I wish that I wouldn't have stressed so much about things. I was aware of the blessing of homeschooling during those times. My girls were able to spend time with their (great)grandma. I remember one day the girls played piano for Grandma on our electric piano we brought over. She loved to tell people that my girls were homeschooled. She was always proud of her whole family.

All this to simply say that we can be too hard on ourselves. I know that I quite often feel like nothing much when ask if I answer always being "no...I stay home with my kids". In all reality...that is work! Hard work! I guess, for me, this song just validates that.

I hope you enjoy it!