Thursday, April 30, 2009

So much to do...

I have been getting so excited about the possibilities with our house. I have been spending a lot of time...maybe too much time...getting inspiration from magazines and blogs. I now have lots of ideas for what I want...just waiting on the money to do them. In the mean time, I'll continue to jot down ideas and plan.

I have also been spending time thinking about our homeschool. I've even started a blog for our homeschool to write about my thoughts and what we do. I hope to document more so that in my periods of self doubt, I'll have something to show me the big picture. To be able to see where we've been.

I will also start taking more photos again. Photos bring me such happiness. I use to be a pretty good photographer. But then I just stopped. Don't really even remember why.

The key...I think...for me to do all the things I love is to:
1) Always remember to find my strength from God each and every day! Very important!
2) To look for the beauty in the little things.
3) To stay organized.