Sunday, December 14, 2008


We made the choice to homeschool Elizabeth (our oldest) when she was due to go into kindergarten. I had this feeling that I knew this wasn't' what she needed...there had to be other options. One day while watching one of those morning news shows, my prayers where least I certainly felt as though God was showing me something. There was a family talking about homeschooling their children. I instantly searched online for every bit of information that I could find. I talked with hubby and he loved the idea. A big part of wanting this was that my husband and I both grew up in our local school system and neither of us was happy with it. That ...and I knew that I wanted my kids to know God more intimately than just Sunday School. I wish that it was something I had know about sooner so that I could've prepared myself a little more but we did kindergarten that year and guess what...we survived it...and.... had fun doing it. So we decided that we would take each year as it came and always left ourselves open to other options. Here we are, in our 10th year of homeschooling and the girls still love being at home, as do I....most days. (Come on...let's admit it...some days are just so hard! )